Dmytro Gordon

Composer | Film Scorer | Pianist | Producer | Songwriter

About Dmytro Gordon

Dmytro Gordon is a young visual media and concert music composer, pianist, orchestrator, producer, songwriter, and a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music.


Dmytro Gordon


Currently, Dmytro lives in Los Angeles, California and works with a renown composer, producer, holder of 2 Grammy awards – Walter Afanasieff. while also being a mentor at the Isina Academy. Recently, he has been offered to write music to a prospective Ukrainian-American dramatic feature film “The Tango of Death” about the Holocaust in Ukraine during the World War II, based on true events.

As of today, Dmytro has 3 CDs of solo piano compositions recorded in studio; orchestral performances and recordings by such artists as Roman Kofman (Beethoven Orchester Bonn, Munich Philharmonic) and Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, Theodore Antoniou (National Opera of Greece, Tonhalle Orchestra) and ALEA III Ensemble; major public piano performances of original music on Ukrainian national television:

Shuster-live – a Ukrainian famous political TV show, with over a 35 million audience across the globe, among the guests of the show was the future president of Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko; and Melodija dvoh serdec – the show on the 1st channel – the main channel of the country, over 20 million audience).


Dmytro has wrote music to 4 independent feature films:

Dmytro has also done music for TV (V Gostyah u Gordona), radio advertisements (Facti newsletter), video games (Wandering Among Giants, Evil Pate) and short indie films (The Matter of Happiness by Anton Kurza, Neil and Love by Nikita Lavretski).


Young Dmytro

Dmytro Gordon was born on 6th of April 1995 in Prague, Czech Republic. In his early childhood the family moved to Kiev, Ukraine where Dmytro has lived most of his life.

Since early childhood, Dmytro started to take piano lessons with a private instructor. However, he had never thought his musical skills would ever go out of the walls of home concerts until, at the age of 14, his musical journey as a composer began.

While he was playing an etude by Czerny, several mistakes suddenly drove his attention away from learning the etude to experimenting with misplayed phrases.

After this first composition emerged out of the Czerny’s etude, several more appeared, and his parents decided to find out the opinion of professionals about Dmytro’s future as a composer.

Over two years Dmytro showed his piano compositions to several famous and respectable Ukrainian composers: Valentin Silvestrov, Ihor Poklad, Evgen Stankovich, and also to the American music composer and producer Walter Afanasieff. All the composers agreed about Dmytro’s talent and encouraged the pursuit of a music career.

Since then the decision was made to finish the last two grades of high school in one year in order to enter Berklee College of Music and start to build his professional compositional skills.

“My music is my thoughts that I want to share with society. These thoughts will either positively influence the listener, either will give them a new topic for criticism. If the music I write makes my listeners think and motivates them – I find my humble mission accomplished.”

Dmytro Gordon


Dmytro Gordon

Dmytro has finished Berklee with a double major degree in Film Scoring and Classical Composition and a Video Game Scoring minor, with an excellent academic standing.

During his time at Berklee he was twice awarded with the John Bavicchi/Beverly Lewis award and once with Amy Beach award, participated in ALEA III Composers Workshop with maestro Theodore Antoniou and became president of the Berklee Society of Composers club – one of the most active clubs on Berklee campus.

Besides his musical and academic accomplishments, Dmytro is a fourfold European champion in the karate weapon kata in the junior category, the second place in the adult category, and has a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and Hand-to-hand fighting.


Left to right: Mandy Kowara, Dmytro Gordon, Nate Chivers, Bernard Duc, Matt Scutchfield – after the Society of Composers February 2015 concert outside of David Friend Recital Hall, Berklee College of Music

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