Dmytro Gordon

Composer | Orchestrator | Arranger | Producer

About Dmytro Gordon

Dmytro Gordon is a visual media and concert music composer, orchestrator, arranger and producer.

He has been noted for his melodicism, balance of traditional and innovative musical elements and orchestration and a broad specter of styles and genres. His music has been featured in various feature films and shorts, heard on Ukrainian national TV and radio, as well as his concert works being recorded by Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra, ALEA III ensemble, and other distinguished music ensembles and groups around the globe.

Born in Prague, Czech Republic and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, Dmytro started taking private piano lessons at 6 years old. At the age of 14, he started to compose music, and one year later performed his works to some of the most well-known and respected Ukrainian composers: Valentin Silvestrov, Ihor Poklad and Evgen Stankovich, who recognized Dmytro’s talent and encouraged him to pursue the composer’s career. At 16 years old, Dmytro gets accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and 4 years later graduates summa cum laude with a double major degree in Film Scoring and Classical Composition and a minor in Video Game Scoring.

Dmytro Gordon lives in Los Angeles, CA, and works with a renown composer, producer and holder of multiple Grammy awards Walter Afanasieff, writes and orchestrates film and concert music.

“For me, art is a medium of an idea or thought, shaped by the artist in a way to be perceived through the beholder’s brain and to be locked in their heart. Therefore, my job as an artist and a creator of music is to shape my art to that level. ”

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